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LuLu (right) and Zhang Ruifu (left) are quite low-key in their relationship. (Photo/Zhang Ruifu IG)

2022-02-23 From 9:00 pm on March 20th, Public Television will launch the music variety show "Long Live the Sisters' Music" every Sunday, hosted by the intellectual host Zeng Baoyi and the new variety show LuLu (Huang Lu Ziyin). Years old, the first cooperation performance was very tacit, so that the producer praised "beyond imagination", just like sisters in a previous life. LuLu, who had just moved into a new home, was asked if her boyfriend Zhang Ruifu had given him the gift of entering the house, and suddenly said that he was a "single renting teammate", and his emotional development seemed to be different.

▲LuLu (right) and Zhang Ruifu (left) are quite low-key in their relationship. (Photo/Zhang Ruifu IG)
At the beginning of last year, LuLu met Jin Sun Zhang Ruifu of "Wanxiu Laundry" through the filming of a video. In July, she was photographed with her fingers clasped together to swim together in Tamsui, and her relationship was exposed. She recently moved into a new home of 60 ping, revealing that her senior Wu Zongxian sent a record player and luggage. The box was put into the house as a gift, but when asked if her boyfriend Zhang Ruifu gave a gift, he was at a loss for words. He only avoided the topic by saying, "No, I have designated it with many friends." Do you care about her relationship? LuLu also said that "suddenly I felt tired", and his attitude was not as relaxed and generous as before.

She also used the previous stage play "Single Renting Teammates" as a shield. She said with mystery that she was single, "I am surrounded by sisters who are with me." The rescue said, "she has no time, I look at her every day and tell her that you need more rest and more time." LuLu's agent said slowly, "I will tell everyone about any changes."

▲ Zeng Baoyi is nearly half a hundred years old, and there is still a tacit understanding of co-hosting with LuLu, who is nearly 20 years old. (Photo/Provided by Public Television)
Compared with love, LuLu is more concerned about the recognition of her work. She has been shortlisted for the Golden Bell Award 6 times, but she has never won the host award. Very much looking forward to it. Zeng Baoyi also revealed that when LuLu was in her senior year, she collaborated on a New Year's Eve party, and she was optimistic about her at that time. "At that time, she was not a variety show queen. I felt that this child must be very great in the future, and her speech and on-the-spot reaction were very good."