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It is common for He Haochen (right) and Cai Fanxi to meet naked on the set. (Photo/Provided by Lingbang Group)

2022-02-23 He Haochen and Cai Fanxi had a lot of bathing scenes in "My Bathtub, Two or Three Things", and more than 50% of the scenes took place in the bathtub. Therefore, He Haochen and Cai Fanxi mostly wore bathrobes or bath towels with flesh color during the shooting. The underwear is easy to put on and take off and you can go into the water at any time. In the scene, He Haochen and Cai Fanxi take a bath alone in the bathtub. The bodies of the two sides are entangled with each other. , they said to Chai Zhiping, who came to visit the class, "I feel like we are very much like male actors." Also because the filming was at a low temperature in winter, the crew was very considerate to install a water heater in order to make the filming more comfortable. He Haochen and Cai Fanxi praised the filming as being in a soup, which was very refreshing.

▲ It is common for He Haochen (right) and Cai Fanxi to meet naked on the set. (Photo/Provided by Lingbang Group)
Due to the numerous nude scenes in the bathhouse, He Haochen and Cai Fanxi, who often wore flesh-colored underwear on the set, were asked if they had seen each other naked in the past years. Cai Fanxi said that he had only seen He Haochen's butt, and also revealed that he likes to show his butt, and many people have seen it. He Haochen hurriedly denied this, saying that showing his butt was because of the needs of work, otherwise no one would like to show his butt very much. Please don't get me wrong about his exhibitionism.

▲He Haochen is a mermaid, showing off a strong figure. (Photo/Provided by Lingbang Group)
He Haochen also revealed that there are more than one appearances in the play where the lower body is naked, He Haochen said: "In the first scene of the story, the mermaid just landed, and the world under water has just set foot on the human world, so it is very good to be naked. Reasonable." On the day of filming, there was a cold snap, causing He Haochen, who was wearing only flesh-colored underwear, to say that he was freezing. "Two or Three Things About My Bathtub" premieres every Sunday at 8pm on Dongsen Drama Channel, every Sunday at 10pm on KKTV, Line TV, Chunghwa Telecom MOD/Hami Video, and every Monday at 12pm on myVideo .